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  March 2022 Lamplight
There's Lamplight in this house my dear and it burns so bright for you......An album of 12 songs with vocals, guitar percussion, synth strings on a couple too. Songs of freindship The Golden Fleece and Tell Me. Songs of love, Falling of the Fall. Others a mystery The Deep Soul Mining Company, Idols in the sand and Starlight. You'll make up your own mind about these I'm sure and draw your own conclusions. Did you know that in Yoruba Ayo means joy? One thing is for sure in days like these those times of reflection, the Tools of my trade are constant use these days. Hope this helps in some small way.
Nesta Records March 2021 Ascendance

Into the chasm where you might find some semblance of Ascendance. It was the worst of times; it was the best of times. Best for what we learnt, for how we grew, we ascended to heights high enough to spy vistas of new life. They say you can observe your thoughts, so you're feeling blue - why? Did you not sleep too well, did you lose sight of your dreams? You say you don't know how to resolve these things, but what would you do if you did? Say, look to the birds, they fly south for the winter, yes, they do, they do, yes, they do.

Nesta Records October 2020 The Citadel

An album of ten uplifting and thoughtful tracks a document on life's journey Tender Spirit Tender Heart with the line "aint it always been that way", like the early song The place where love is, with the line "some people don't know for sure exactly where they should be". Oh, life is strange said Billy Bragg, yes, it is. But where not floppy jellyfish, we're erect, like Michael Rosen (Get well soon), once said "life's not adequate", not here or in the Yemen. If all you can do is give a toss, then why not! It's that song you wrote Life in dreams - now it makes sense. So, the songs come, here's another ten hope you enjoy.

Nesta Records January 2019 The Journey
The Journey features ten original composition that for the first time includes vocals and guitars, plus bass, drums, percussion, keyboards and synthesised strings all played by Ayo. The songs cover matters on the heart on track like The Streets of Rome and The One, social concern on City Doves and sprituality on The Forager and the hunter and The Plan.
Nesta Records March 2018 Peace Love & The Urban Way
This new album Peace Love and the Urban Way comprises 14 new original tracks covering matters of the heart on Desire, Birds fly into your hair and Forest Fire, loss; on Somethings always stay with you. There are tracks of social concern like Shame on the USA about the Black Lives Matter situation in the US, seen through the eyes of a nine year old girl who witnesses the slaying of her father by the police, Stephen a track about intolerence and oppression based on the biblical story of Stephen.
Ayo/Nest October 2015 Friendly Sky
Is it a Friendly Sky we are living under? I believe so good usually conquers evil. And if we look closely enough there is a lot to be thankful for. There are songs here on this kind of theme, love, joy, compassion putting relationships above all the material stuff that often seems so futile. Songs like Warm Embrace, Fly Right and Friendly Sky to name a few. Performed solo acoustic this is an album full of warmth that you will cherish.
Ayo/Nesta May 2014 Tilbury Docks
The Title Track is a song about my Father immigrating to the UK in the early 60s and arriving by ship at Tilbury Docks. The lyrics follow a discussion between me and my Dad now deceased about his experiences in arriving in London England at that time. He never said much about it.......There are also songs about love, Love for all seasons, a better world Children of the light and Joy. Even an ode to 6 weeks holidays on Three Fortnights. And least we forget the great British eccentric on Only a Minor Prophet, travelling the towns of Britain in his Trilby hat, cape and platform shoes.
Ayo/Nesta July 2013 Reflections
Reflections a personal collection of ten songs. Performed solo acoustic, with very few overdubs. I would say definitely one of the best things I've done. A grower maybe but well worth the wait - you'll see.
  January 2012 Comfort of the Home
Comfort of the Home, covers nostalgia for childhood home life, matters of the heart on tracks like Cold Night in the city, This Thing Called Love and Strange Kind of Lonely. Metal was inspired by seeing some middle aged fellas pulling trolley looking in front yards for scrap. Mad Dog is about someone that loses their job so he ask a wizard to turn in him to a dog. There are reflective uplifting songs like Safe in my own skin and Counting Blessings.
Nesta Records March 2011 Healing Time
Probably the best album of my career to date with 10 new songs, featuring soulful and emotive vocals. Musically, it has used various acoustic guitar parts, synthesised strings and over dubbed backing vocals, to create his most accessible work since 2002's River Roding.
£7.50 + 1.50 P&P
Nesta Records March 2011 Healing Time (Single)
For the first time, on 7 inch vinyl, with the limited edition single, Healing Time (300 copies only), also released 7th March. The B-side includes the track Joseph Fought an Angel which does not appear on any album, and a re-recording of End of The World which first appeared on the album Volume 2.
Nesta Records 2009 The Good Tom Shepherd
Solo acoustic album recorded at home. An uplifting and positive set of songs. Includes tracks such as The Carpenter, Love's End and Infatuation.
Nesta Records 2008 Divided Souls
Solo acoustic, includes 10 tracks such as Crimson Red, Free as a bird, Faith Love and Temperance.
Nesta Records 2008 Volume 3
This album includes solo versions of songs taken from the albums previously recorded with a full band Soul Sketches and River Roding. Includes tracks such as The Golden Rule, As Years Go By and Butterfly. Recorded in mono.
Nesta Records 2007 The Traveller
Solo acoustic album recorded at home. This covers all of life's rich tapestry life's love's, losses' and Joy's. Includes tracks such as Carry This Cross, Bliss and Count Me On.
Nesta Records 2006 Volume 2
Solo acoustic album recorded at home. Includes tracks such as Jericho, Slow Time and Two Arrows. One of Ayo's favourite albums.
Nesta Records 2005 Volume 1
Solo acoustic album recorded at home. Includes tracks such as The Wayfarer, Ordinary Day and Heaven to Come.
Nesta Records September 2002 River Roding
This is the album with the highest production values of all my recordings, thanks to Producer Roger Askew and Engineer Juan Lopez. The track River Roding is the pick of the bunch for me. Recorded with full band in the studio.
£7.50 + 1.50 P&P

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