Ayo Bamidele  
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Is it a Friendly Sky we are living under? I believe so good usually conquers evil. And if we look closely enough there is a lot to be thankful for. There are songs here on this kind of theme, love, joy, compassion putting relationships above all the material stuff that often seems so futile. Songs like Warm Embrace, Fly Right and Friendly Sky to name a few. Performed solo acoustic this is an album full of warmth that you will cherish.


Silver Lining

Live Let Live

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Tilbury Docks

Children of the light

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Stony Ground

The Well

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Cold Night in The City

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Healing Time

Hard Road

Pennies in the well

Personal Road To Damascus

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The Good Tom Shepherd>>> Play

Taken From the Album The Good Tom Shepherd

Click below to Play

River Roding>>> Play

Taken From the Album River Roding


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Solo As Years Go By>>> Play

Taken From the Album Volume 3


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The Place Where Love Is>>> Play

Taken from the album Soul Sketches


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Two Arrows>>> Play

Taken From the Album Volume 2


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Count Me On >>> Play

Taken From the Album The Traveller

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