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Here's a video of my song Ascendance,the new Master Tapes version taken from the album. Please like, share and subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see more like this..



My New album The Master Tapes is currently being recorded and mixed by Brendan Lynch. Brendan, co produced Paul Weller's first five solo albums, including songs like You Do Something To Me, The Changing Man and Broken Stones.He produced Ocean Colour Scene's Moseley Shoals, and has worked with Primal Scream, The Young Disciples and Carleen Anderson.

The album includes 12 tracks performed acoustically by me with added strings, piano, hammmond organ, mini moog and percussion all performed and arranged by Brendan. I can say that my songs have never sounded better. I'm sure it's an album that you will come to love and cherish.

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Here's a picture of me recording at Brendan Lynch's studio in North London. It was a very enjoyable experience. I'm more than happy with the album we've created.. I hope you enjoy it too.

Ayo Bamidele Live

The Harrison Pub and Hotel
Friday 19th July

Album Launch
MeansJoy Presents Ayo Bamidele
Launch show for the album The Master Tapes
28 Harrison Street London WC1H 8JF
7:30 pm £10 Adv/ £15 on the door

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This new EP The Sea of Gratitude, has five songs, The title is new and the others remastered versions of well loved album tracks. It includes “The Amazon” on love, “The Beginnings of Grace” forgiveness, Ascendance and “Birds Fly South for The Winter” hope & resilience and of course gratitude “The Sea of Gratitude”. I hope you enjoy it. Please share with anyone that might benefit from listening to them.



Falling of the fall, the second track from the album Lamplight. As the north wind it blows I turn my collar to the cold......the sun always shines in you. Please give it a like on Youtube and subscribe to the channel. The album is out now on Bandcamp see above

  New Song The Golden Fleece a song of friendship and nostalgia. Taken from the album Lamplight which will be out in the spring. Please give it a like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Stuck outside the mobile with this urban blues again - Tom Waits got answered, rootsy way.

Ayo Bamidele, the man behind the DELTA BLUE moniker, may be a Londoner but his African heritage shows, and it is the crux of the matter, of the where and the why this music feels so full of grace. So full of soul opened to the gloom of the city and light of hope in equal measures.